We can honor the Lord in many ways, including our money. And when you do give, you’re not just supporting our church, you’re investing in His kingdom.


  • Simply put, it’s the first 10% of our income that we give back to God by giving it to our home church.

    • God commands it.
      • If we call Jesus Lord, then He has authority in all areas of our life. (Deut 14:23)
      • Jesus rebukes the way the Pharisee’s were tithing, but affirms the act itself. (Matt 23:23)
    • Blessings come with it.
      • The Lord promises to take care of us as we give.  (Mal 3:10-11) (Prov 3:9-10)
      • Even before God gave Moses
        The Law, tithing happened.
      • After rescuing Lot, Abraham gave a tenth to Melchizadek, the priest of God. (Gen 14:19-20)
      • Jacob gave a tenth of everything the Lord gave him. (Gen 28:22)
    • It’s a declaration of faith and an
      act of worship.
      • God can do more with 90% of our income than we could do with 100% of it.
      • We honor him by giving Him our first and best.
    • It helps fight greed’s hold over our hearts.
      • How we spend our money
        shows what we love
        (Matt 6:21) (Matt 6:24)
  • CornerstoneSF’s Tax ID#: 23-7537225

  • If you are cash or check kind of person, we take up an offering near the end of each service.

  • We gladly help the following ministries on a quarterly basis.

    • Alpha Pregnancy Center
    • Bishop Ministries
    • City Crossroads Ministries
    • Cityteam Ministries, SF
    • Cleansing Stream
    • I.F.G. Church, India
    • Pastor A.S.W. Jaikumar
    • Jews for Jesus
    • Missionary Sarah Ascher
    • New Door Ventures
    • New Life Compassion Center, India
    • Dr. K. Pastor Sam Matthews
    • North India
    • Christian Ministries
    • Missionaries Melvin & Ellen Johnson
    • Pastor N.A. Philip
    • Old Skool Café
    • OMF International
    • Missionary in China
    • Radio Bible Class
    • San Francisco City Impact
    • Teebo, Burkina Faso
    • Pingdewinde Sam
    • Voice of the Martyrs
    • Y.W.A.M SF



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